Ice & Chocolate Chipper
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Product Description:
Martha Stewart cheerfully chops chocolate on her cooking show with an instrument like this, and now we can as well. This sturdy tool converts hard, thick baking-chocolate bars into chunks for cookies, sparing good kitchen knives when a recipe calls for you to break up chocolate before melting. It's even good for chipping ice for drinks or buffet displays. Overall, the tool measures 9 inches long, with a 5-inch hardwood handle and six pointed prongs that deliver satisfying blows. Perfect for breaking chunks or bars of chocolate into chips. The ends of the prongs are blunted slightly to prevent damage to countertops and other surfaces.
Materials: Heavy steel plated prongs with a hardwood handle.
Product Features:
Breaks baking-size chocolate bars into chunks for cookies-Use also spare knives from chopping chocolate for melting-Sturdy enough to chip ice-Chrome-plated prongs-9 inches long overall, with 5-inch hardwood handle

  • Item #: 81-30
  • Manufacturer: CK Products

Ice & Chocolate Chipper

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