Easy Squeezit Detail Chocolate Mold Painter Bottles
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  • Excellent tool for "squeezing" candy into details of molds
  • Small-holed plastic tip and special coupler is included with each bottle
  • Can be used with any standard-size tips
  • Includes two bottles

This chocolate squeeze bottle is perfect to put small amounts of colored chocolate into to act as an accent color bottle. This is very handy item to use if you are doing a lot of molds and need to be done in a hurry. Each bottle will hold 2 oz's of melted chocolate. 2 bottles per order. These are the perfect squeeze bottles to use to help you apply your color flow icing to your cookies. These bottles are also good to use for drizzling things like chocolate over your creations. This is also a great product to do fine detail work with chocolate. You can use the standard Wilton decoarting tip with these bottles.

  • Item #: 81-302
  • Manufacturer: CK Products

Easy Squeezit Detail Chocolate Mold Painter Bottles

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