Clear Edible Sugar Diamonds
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These diamonds are totally edible. They are made of isomalt and can be used as decorations on cakes, cookies and more. They would look amazing on a wedding cake. These medium sized diamonds measure 3/8" across and 2/8" high. You will get 25 of these edible diamonds per order.
Use and Care of Edible Diamonds:
-Diamonds are ready to use.
-One way to preserve the gem's clarity is to coat with an edible lacquer spray, once coated the gems should remain in pristine condition.
-This is a sugar product and as such can be affected by humidity or moisture from your hands, which can cause it to cloud over.
-Further, diamonds are made from a low GI sugar and as such are suitable for diabetics.
-Diamonds must be stored in the glass vial container that they come in so as not to spoil the clarity.
-Try not to directly touch them with your hands; it is advisable to use tweezers when placing the diamonds onto cakes or other foods.
-Place these onto the food at the last minute to avoid exposure to the atmosphere.
-When attaching them to an iced cake use chocolate, royal icing or CMC mixed into a paste with water...tiniest amount possible. Alternatively scatter them were required.
-These diamonds are not recommended for use on butter icing or cream due to their high moisture level. They can however be used and then served within the hour.
-If the diamonds become cloudy, brushing them lightly with vegetable oil can restore the clarity.
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Clear Edible Sugar Diamonds

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