5 inch Red Rose Flower Gum Paste Cascade
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Gum paste is safe for food contact and not intended to be eaten. Product is fragile; some breakage may occur. 5 inches with gorgeous red roses clustered with olive green leaves and tiny white flower accents. Great for wedding cakes!

Colors availble are the purple color seen and also a light green color.

Gum paste grapes are more durable than regular frosting grapes and fresh grapes. Even in varied weather conditions, gum paste grapes maintain a consistent quality appearance. They can be kept indefinitely for future use or as a memento if handled properly and stored in a cool dry enviroment wrapped in newspaper!
These grapes are guaranteed to add that impressive touch to your wedding cake, any special occasion cake, table center piece, art project or catering advent.

  • Item #: 7090
  • Manufacturer: DecoPac

5 inch Red Rose Flower Gum Paste Cascade

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